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Sticking with the senior dog theme in our last post, you may find that the older your pup gets, the more pills you have to feed on a daily basis. Anti-inflammatories, glucosamine chondroitin or fish oil can be large pills and difficult to disguise.

Have you found it challenging to trick your dog into taking their pills? Has wrapping pills in bread, peanut butter, or even cheese lost its appeal for your pup? If so, you may be interested in trying Zoe’s Pill Pops.

Zoe’s Pill Pops are a unique take on feeding pills to your dog made easier. The”test dog,” Ozzy, swallows them whole and has been successfully tricked for 2 weeks straight. Previously Ozzy had turned his nose up at cheese… CHEESE!

Here are some of our favorite features as compared to some of the other “pill pop” products on the market:

  • Comes in 3 different varieties – Roasted Chicken with Rosemary, Beef with Ginger and Peanut Butter with Honey
  • Zoe’s claims their Pill Pops are “100% Natural.” Bonus: They have short ingredient panels with real ingredients with words that we can pronounce! (We like them so much we’re even willing to overlook that they’re made in Canada, hee-hee.)
  • There’s flavored filling inside, like Fig Newtons!
  • They come wrapped 2 pops per pack to preserve freshness.
  • Because they are fresh when you need to serve them, the pill pops are very pliable. You can form them around surprisingly large pills and your dog will never see or smell them. (Tip: Use a knife to cut the pill pop in half lengthwise and form around the pill instead of trying to insert the pill into the center.)

We’re so thrilled to have found Zoe’s Pill Pops. It certainly makes keeping your senior dog healthy a lot easier and less stressful for you, and more enjoyable for your pup. You can find Zoe’s locally at Petsway or online.


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