Nicole Veile St Louis MO Dog Training and Dog Training Classes

Nicole Veile, Trainer

“My curiosity towards reward-based training began with my first zoo internship. Astonished at how keepers could encourage their animals to perform behaviors without coming in physical contact really attracted me to positive reinforcement…”

Nicole Veile has always had a passion for canine behavior, so she obtained a degree in Biology. Since then she has read books, worked at animal shelters, volunteered for rescue organizations, fostered dogs and completed internships at zoos, all to help her grasp a hands-on experience. She is now a passionate advocate for clicker training and seeks ongoing educational opportunities and experience through positive reinforcement methods. Nicole leads our group classes and guides new puppy owners to behavioral success through New Puppy Consultations.

Formal Education

B.S. Biology, Missouri State University


Dickerson Park Zoo, Springfield, MO


St. Louis Zoo

Volunteer Work

Route 66 Rescue, Springfield, MO
Saint Louis County Animal Care and Control
Needy Paws Foster


First Aid Certification – Pet Professional Guild