Product Review: Zoe’s Pill Pops

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Sticking with the senior dog theme in our last post, you may find that the older your pup gets, the more pills you have to feed on a daily basis. Anti-inflammatories, glucosamine chondroitin or fish oil can be large pills and difficult to disguise. Have you found it challenging to trick your dog into taking their pills? Has wrapping pills in bread, peanut butter, or even cheese lost its appeal for your pup? If so, you may be interested in trying Zoe’s Pill Pops. Zoe’s Pill Pops are a unique take on feeding pills to your dog made easier. The”test dog,” Ozzy, swallows them whole and has been successfully tricked for 2 weeks straight. Previously Ozzy had turned his nose up at cheese… CHEESE! Here are some of our favorite features as compared to some of the other “pill pop” products on the market: Comes in 3 different varieties – Roasted Chicken … Read More

Easy Enrichment for Your Senior Dog

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Doesn’t it always seem that those energetic youngsters get all the attention and focus? What about the senior dogs that generally mind their own business, stay out of the way and couldn’t be bothered to get up and bark out the window? And because they aren’t causing a nuisance for you is the perfect reason to do something special with them. Older pups typically don’t need as much exercise as their younger counterparts, however, enrichment activities can help them stay occupied and keep their minds working. They’ll appreciate the extra attention, and you’ll appreciate not having to work up a sweat on the trail for once. Here are some fun, simple, low-key enrichment activities that you can do with your favorite senior guy or gal: Let’s go for a sniff!… Walk schmalk! Instead, let your dog sniff around the neighborhood lets him catch up on the all the newest happenings: who peed … Read More

So You’re Thinking About Getting a Dog

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It’s summer. The kids are out of school, the weather is nice, there’s a certain welcome laziness in the air. All of a sudden, you stop mid-porch swing and think to yourself… “This is nice. We should get a dog.” And just like you should finish the other half of that swing, you should finish the other half of that thought before someone gets hurt! In all seriousness, getting a new dog is a wonderful idea (rescuing a new dog is an even better idea), but only for some people and in certain situations. There are many things to consider before getting a dog, whether from a breeder, a shelter or a rescue group. Here are a few things to think about before you hop on the Internet or over to the closest shelter to find your next dog: Consider why you want a new dog – Is it for the … Read More

Ten Old Dog-Isms

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Oh, the joys and frustrations of living with a senior dog….Nine and a half year old Shepherd/Lab mix, Ozzy, doesn’t usually say much, unless another dog or (heaven forbid) a cat should happen to trot past the front of the house. But if he could talk, I think these Ozz-isms would be pretty close to what my old guy is thinking: 10 Old Dog-isms:   Bedtime is at 8:30pm strict. Unless you’re watching a reality singing competition on TV, then it’s definitely earlier, in the spare bedroom, and with my head under the bed. They say that most dogs sleep about 17 hours on average per day… but I’m an overachiever. Unless you’re planning on feeding me sometime soon or scratching my butt for a while, I reserve a 20-second time limit on standing. I’m not slow to respond, I just build in a 6-second delay to give you time … Read More