Sarah Hoth KPA-CTP, Owner/Trainer

“I became interested in dog training in 2003 after rescuing a 10-month-old Australian Shepher­d/Blue Heeler/Lab mix named Ozzy. As you might guess, this dog had every imaginable bad behavior in the book. Boy, have I learned a few lessons since then…”

After reading several books on dog training and behavior, I became intrigued by assistance dogs and how they can be trained to help people. I sought out a local service-dog organization and became a trainer’s apprentice. Eventually I served as that organization’s Development Director, while still assisting with their service dog, hearing dog, therapy dog, and pet obedience efforts.

In 2010, I obtained certification as a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP), learning positive, quick, and effective reward-based methods to modifying behavior, without the use of choke chains, pinch collars or shock collars. Click here to see what it means to be a Karen Pryor Academy trainer, and to see the pledge that I took as a KPA-CTP.

Since then, I have continued to expand my education and understanding of dog behavior via regular seminars, conferences and workshops. With a background in customer service, a formal education in Communication and the Social Sciences, and working within the natural pet nutrition industry have all proven advantageous in understanding not only how both dogs and humans learn best, but how mindful nutritional choices should be the foundation of your dog’s world (and thus his behavior!).

If you and your family are having issues with your dog(s), please know that there is a positive behavior modification solution waiting for you. Good training, and the pathway to a great dog, is about realizing your needs, your dog’s needs, how dogs communicate and building a strong understanding through mutual trust and respect. I can’t wait to work with you, so let’s get started!

Animal Education

  • Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
  • Fear Free Certified Animal Trainer
  • dog*tec Dog Walking Academy Graduate

Formal Education

  • B.S. Behavioral and Social Sciences, Webster University
  • B.A Media Communications, Webster University
  • Masters of Business Administration, Webster University

Continuing Education

  • Help for Your Fearful Dog with Nicole Wilde, St. Louis, MO – September 2011
  • Chicken Training Camp 101 with Terry Ryan, Chicago, IL – April 2012
  • Clicker Expo, Nashville TN – April 2012
  • Chicken Training Camp 201 with Terry Ryan, Chicago, IL – September 2012


  • Positive Solutions to Behavior Problems and Reactive Rover with Pat Miller, Kansas City, MO – February 2013
  • Two Days with Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz on Shaping Behavior, Cues, Reinforcement and Overcoming Fear and Aggression, St. Louis, MO – June 2013
  • Clicker Expo, Norfolk, VA – March 2014
  • The Behavior of Dogs Seminar with Dr. Ken and Debbie Martin, Columbia, MO – November 2014
  • A Weekend of Behavior with the Experts, Dr. Debra Horwitz & Dr. Amy Pike, St. Louis, MO – June 2015
  • Positive Gun Dog Training, FetchMasters, St. Louis, MO – June 2016
  • Clicker Expo, Portland, OR – January 2017
  • Clicker Expo, St. Louis, MO – April 2018
  • Cooperation On and Off Leash, Grisha Stewart, St. Louis, MO – October 2018
  • Training and Handling in Aggressive Dogs with Michael Shikashio and Trish McMillan, St. Louis, MO – August 2019