Group Class Isn’t Just for Bad Dogs

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So your dog can’t behave itself. It definitely happens from time to time that a dog is so unruly that you have no choice but to accept it’s time to seek the help of a professional trainer. That help may come in the form of one-on-one private lessons, or an alternative is a cost-effective group obedience class. But what if your dog isn’t such a bad dog? Does that mean that group classes are a waste of time and money for you? Absolutely not! There are lots of benefits that can come from taking your dog to a group class, even if your dog is rather well-behaved. Test Your Dog’s Skills in a New Environment First of all, there’s no such thing as an overly-obedient dog. It certainly couldn’t hurt for your dog to attend a class and improve upon existing obedience skills. Your dog may perform well inside your … Read More

DIY High-Value Treats on a Budget

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Recently I decided to quit my perfectly good, regularly paying, benefit-yielding job in the pet food industry to grow The Persuaded Pooch full time. This has a been a long time coming for me, to which my friends and family say “Thank goodness we don’t have to hear about that any more!” But with that perfectly good job, I also had to say “buh-bye” to a SWEET discount on high-value, high-quality commercial treats. And, although, I would never, ever, ever discourage anyone from supporting fine pet food manufacturers or pet specialty retailers in the industry, I’m quickly finding that there are some budget-conscious options for high-value and convenient treating, as well. Here are a few of my favorites for you DIY-ers: Peanut Butter Kong We often think about the standard peanut butter Kong for keeping our dogs occupied like when they first go to their crates or when visitors come over. … Read More

Managing Holiday Dog Stress

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Photo courtesy of Oszkár Dániel Gáti Photography via Well, well, well… You made it to the holiday season! Gone is the pressure of having to maintain that bathing suit body and perfect pedicure. Along with the holidays, of course, comes holiday parties and oh-so-much tasty food. Bring on the love handles and oversized sweaters, yeah! And just as you need to prep yourself and your home for your holiday parties, now is also a good time to check in with your pup to think about how they are going to handle the holiday season. Here are some things to consider… Is your dog nervous or tense around company? If you have a fearful or anxious dog, this is something that you are probably used to asking yourself. But if your dog is usually happy-go-lucky and what we trainers refer to as “bomb-proof,” signals of stress may be more subtle. … Read More

Keeping Kids Safe Around Dogs

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Photo courtesy of Dogs can add so much to your home and family life. But keeping your family and kids safe is the number one priority. Dog management, training and preventing dog bites can help to ensure that your children will be able to experience the pure joy that can come from having a dog in your family for many, many years. Supervision and Managing the Space An important part of keeping your kids safe around dogs is to set rules and physical boundaries. For example, dogs and small children should never be left together unsupervised. If you are unable to supervise, consider using easy tools like baby gates, crates or a leash tether to prevent the dog and the children from interacting. If you have a very active dog, be sure to give him something to entertain himself while restricted, like a stuffed Kong toy or long-lasting chew … Read More

Product Review: Zoe’s Pill Pops

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Sticking with the senior dog theme in our last post, you may find that the older your pup gets, the more pills you have to feed on a daily basis. Anti-inflammatories, glucosamine chondroitin or fish oil can be large pills and difficult to disguise. Have you found it challenging to trick your dog into taking their pills? Has wrapping pills in bread, peanut butter, or even cheese lost its appeal for your pup? If so, you may be interested in trying Zoe’s Pill Pops. Zoe’s Pill Pops are a unique take on feeding pills to your dog made easier. The”test dog,” Ozzy, swallows them whole and has been successfully tricked for 2 weeks straight. Previously Ozzy had turned his nose up at cheese… CHEESE! Here are some of our favorite features as compared to some of the other “pill pop” products on the market: Comes in 3 different varieties – Roasted Chicken … Read More