We Train for You! In Home Dog Training

For dogs 21 weeks and older

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Too busy and distracted with working, juggling responsibilities and your own self-care to even think about getting started with your dog?

Avoid the guilt! These in home dog training packages are custom-tailored for clients who want better behavior from their dog, but don't even know where to start.

Why spend weeks away from your dog by sending him to a traditional board and train program?... Can't deal with the added morning stress of dropping your dog off every day for in-facility dog training programs?

We come to you and train in your home and around your neighborhood, where you need results the most. You get the practical benefits of having your dog trained where you live AND you get to come home to your dog every night!

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Three Simple Steps:

(Oops, four!)

  • Book a FREE Initial Behavior Consultation

    It all starts with a free meet and greet. We want to get to know you and your dog!

  • We train your dog 3 times/week for 60 minutes

    We'll come to your home and train for your goals. You receive video updates each day so you can see the progress your pup is making.

  • We meet with you once a week to transfer skills

    And show you how to incorporate your dog's new skills into everyday life.

  • Enjoy more time with your dog

    ...now that you both have the tools to be successful together!

Initial Behavior Consultation | FREE!

Our private dog training services are recommended for puppies and dogs 21 weeks and older with multiple nuisance behaviors, or fear/aggression issues. Why pay $150, $250 or even more to find out if a private trainer can help you? Our "meet and greet" is free... a no-risk opportunity! We will visit your home and spend time discussing your goals in order to develop a customized training or behavior modification plan just for you and your dog.

The evaluation averages between 50-60 minutes. This gives us an opportunity to get to know you and your dog(s), but more importantly, gives you the opportunity to evaluate our training methods, professionalism and capability of meeting your needs.

When scheduling your initial consultation, we kindly ask that ALL decision-makers can be present for our discussion. Thank you!

*Customized payment plans are available for all "We Train for You" Bundles.

Book Your FREE Initial Behavior Consultation Now!
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"We Train for You" Bundles

During the FREE Initial Behavior Consultation, we'll discuss your training goals and offer a recommendation on which "We Train for You" package would be best suited to your goals. Since every dog and situation is different, we'll write a customized training plan for you and your dog(s).

The behaviors listed for each bundle below are simply examples of what could be accomplished in the number of weeks stated. Just know that your bundle recommendation and training plan will be customized just for you.

We won't ask our clients to pay for behaviors or extras they don't need. And every bundle comes with 3 months of phone or email follow-up to ensure that you feel confident, skilled and supported.

Flexible payment plans are available for all "We Train for You" Bundles!

3-Week Bundle


$159 per session

  • 9 - 1hr Training Sessions

  • 3 - 1hr Transfer Sessions

  • Ideal for quickly learning foundation behaviors like sit, down, stay, greetings, walking and come when called!

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4-Week Bundle


or $147 per session

  • 12 - 1hr training sessions

  • 4 - 1HR transfer sessions

  • Ideal for dog-dog reactivity  or foundation behaviors with added focus on "out and about" skills!

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5-Week Bundle


or $138 per session

  • 15 - 1hr training sessions

  • 5 - 1HR transfer sessions

  • Ideal for dog-dog reactivity PLUS additional foundation skill or nuisance behavior work at home

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