Don't wait to socialize your pup! Did you know?...

  • Puppies should be safely exposed to as many new people and things as possible within the first 3 months of life?
  • Incomplete socialization during this time can increase risk of behavioral problems, like fear and aggression?
  • Early and adequate socialization can improve the bond between puppies and owners?
  • Puppies must interact with other puppies to learn appropriate play styles and social behavior for adulthood?
  • Puppies can accomplish these things starting with a well-run puppy socialization class!
  • Read what the experts are saying... "Plan Ahead to Socialize Your Puppy Early"

Puppy Socialization Class

September 15th, 2021 update and UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE:
Puppy Prep class at Hillside Animal Hospital is still suspended, due to restrictions of  allowing a minimal number of clients inside their facility. Please check here frequently for updates.

Please DO NOT CONTACT US to ask when classes will start. Thank you.

We recommend a New Puppy Consultation for guidance on training, socialization and problem-solving with your new puppy!

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Let's Get Your Puppy Socialized!

The Persuaded Pooch is proud to partner with Hillside Animal Hospital for "Puppy Prep" puppy socialization class!


4-Week Puppy Prep Class | $99

  • Rolling enrollment - Classes are "always on" so your new pup can jump right in (pending available openings)
  • Once enrolled, puppies come to class for four consecutive weeks
  • Taught by Karen Pryor Academy certified trainer, Sarah Hoth, and Hillside Animal Hospital's Registered Veterinary Technician, Carolyn Torno (see her impressive bio here!)
  • Positive methods to socialization and desirable behaviors
  • Safe exposure to other puppies, new people, sights, sounds and surfaces
  • Prepare your puppy to accept handling and the veterinary experience via "Fear Free" methods
  • Early obedience, including Sit, Come and beginning impulse control
  • Addresses problem prevention topics, like mouthing and jumping
  • Only for puppies 8 weeks to 12 weeks at the start of class
  • Required Vaccinations: Up-to-date DHPP administered at least 1 week prior to the start of class, and updated vaccinations throughout class duration. Owners will need to bring proof of vaccinations to the first class.
  • Receive a one-time 10% off discount at Petsway pet store in Affton, MO. Petsway is your class prep headquarters! They carry everything you need for class time... and lots more!

Plan ahead for puppy's success and save!

See our bundled "Complete Puppy" private training + group class packages on our Private Puppy Training page... Success + $avings = SWEET!

Private Puppy Training

Hillside Animal Hospital is conveniently located near The Hill neighborhood and is currently the only Fear Free certified veterinary practice in St. Louis City. The facility is easily accessible by both I-64/40 and I-44 at Hampton Ave by residents of St. Louis City, St. Louis County and IL.

Hillside Animal Hospital
5325 Manchester Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 645-2141, Directions

What veterinarians are saying about early socialization...

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Not sure yet about coming to class? Potential students are always welcome to audit a class (without dog) to determine if The Persuaded Pooch classes will be a good fit for your dog and your own personal learning style.

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