Puppy Training & Services

(For puppies 20 weeks and younger)

New Puppy Consultation | $85

For puppies 20 weeks and younger – Did you just get a new puppy? Or are you thinking about getting a new puppy? A new puppy is a major decision, and it’s imperative that all members of your household are on board. Once that milestone is completed, you’ll need to know how to prepare for the puppy’s arrival and how to set your new puppy up for success from day one.

We’ll go over things like puppy-proofing your home, feeding and potty rituals, and puppy’s first training (if your pup is already home). This small investment will go a long way to ensuring your pup gets off to a good start in your home!

The New Puppy Consultation is a great first step to moulding your perfect puppy! The consultation can be taken on its own with great success. But to set your new puppy up for the best success possible, we recommend rolling it into one of our puppy training and socialization packages below!

Book Your New Puppy Consultation now!Book Your New Puppy Consultation now!

Puppy Pre-School Pack | $320

  • Available with Nicole Veile only
  • Four (4) one-hour, private puppy training sessions that take place in your home
  • Can’t wait several weeks for your group puppy classes to start? Puppy a bit too young to start our Essential Etiquette basic obedience class? These puppy sessions are the perfect way to bridge the gap and keep you sane while you wait!
  • Training sessions focus on problem-solving (like biting, barking and pottying), problem prevention, socialization, puppy enrichment and early basic obedience
  • Perfect preparation to join the 6-Week Essential Etiquette basic obedience class at 16 weeks of age… Add class on to this package for only $120 (a $20 savings)
  • It’s recommended the four sessions be used within 6 weeks of first session date

Private Puppy Pack | $600

  • Available with Nicole Veile only
  • Eight (8) one-hour, private puppy training sessions that take place in your home
  • Perfect for owners who desire private and customized one-on-one training throughout their dog’s puppyhood instead of class training
  • Training sessions focus on problem-solving, problem-prevention, socialization, basic obedience training and puppy enrichment
  • Real-life skills and problem prevention: polite guest behavior, body handling, husbandry, crating, potty training, barking, chewing
  • Obedience cues learned include: Sit, Down, Stay, come when called, walk on leash, Leave it and Wait
  • Other training might include: out and about skills like successfully navigating the pet store, park settings and having calm and easy veterinary visits
  • It’s recommended the eight sessions be used within 3 months of first session date

Puppy Daycare Pack | $995

  • Available with Sarah Hoth only
  • 4-week program perfect for puppies whose owners are at work all day!
  • Your pup will enjoy 30-minute midday let-out, early training, socialization, play and enrichment sessions 3 times per week while you are busy at work
  • Sessions take place in your home and neighborhood, so your pup knows exactly what to do in their own environment
  • Includes an end-of-week training transfer session with you each week so you know exactly how to put your pup’s progress into practice
  • Let us do the work for you while you are away each day… and reap the benefits of a trained, socialized, potty-trained pup when you get home
  • Give your pup everything he deserves while you are away; No rushing home on your lunch break, no guilt over having to rush back off to work
  • Add on the 6-week Essential Etiquette basic obedience class for only $120 (a $20 savings)

Don’t see a package that fits your exact needs? Contact us and we’d be happy to customize a puppy package for you!

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