We acknowledge that there can often be long wait times for a Free Initial Behavior Consultation and other “We Coach You” sessions. Should you need help with your dog(s) sooner, we encourage you to use the alternative resources below to locate a positive trainer in the St. Louis area. Thank you!

We coach you to train!

Do you love working with your dog? Do you want to know what makes him tick? If so, we can coach you through training your dog to better behavior. These sessions are tailored for clients who are invested in the private dog training process and love achieving the results themselves.

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Initial Behavior Consultation | FREE!

Our private dog training services are recommended for dogs 21 weeks and older with multiple behavioral problems or fear/aggression issues. Why pay $150, $250 or even more to find out if a private trainer can help you? Our “meet and greet” is free… a no-risk opportunity! We will visit your home and spend time discussing your concerns and observing your dog’s behavior in order to develop a behavior modification plan just for you.

The evaluation averages between 45 minutes to one hour. This gives us an opportunity to get to know you and your dog(s), but more importantly, gives you the opportunity to evaluate our training methods, professionalism and capability of meeting your needs.

**If you have a new puppy 20 weeks and younger, please do not schedule a Free Initial Behavior Consultation. Please schedule a New Puppy Consultation ($85).**

**If your primary issues are Separation Anxiety or Potty Training, please do not schedule a Free Initial Behavior Consultation. Please schedule a Phone Consultation ($60).**

Follow-Up Consultations | $139 per hour

The Initial Behavior Consultation should be followed up with a minimum of 2 private dog training sessions to implement your customized training plan. Since every dog is different, we pride ourselves on assessing each unique situation, and creating customized, practical solutions for you and your family. Follow-up consultations typically last one-hour and will only be scheduled after an initial evaluation.

Bundled Consultation Package | $500 – 4 sessions

Bundled Consultation Packages include the Initial Behavior Consultation and four Follow-Up Consultations, a $56 savings (or 10% off), plus 3 months of FREE e-mail or phone follow-up.

Express Session| $100

Sixty minute ($100) private dog training lesson at your home. Perfect for learning simple skills fast, brushing up on obedience skills, or addressing nuisance issues like jumping and pulling on lead. Not appropriate for dogs with shy, fearful, aggressive behavior or for dogs with multiple issues.

Phone Consultation | $60 for 30 minutes

Our 30-minute phone consultation is super-convenient and ideal for single issues like potty-training, thunderstorm phobia and mild separation anxiety.

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