The Persuaded Pooch Covid-19 Policies

Updated May 17th, 2021 -  effective until further notice

  • We acknowledge and respect the ability and desire of our clients to make responsible choices regarding their health and safety, and of those around them. We encourage all private clients, group class students and training attendees to reference the CDC's guidance regarding their personal safety for both indoor and outdoor activities, and take appropriate precautions, where needed.
  • Indoor Private Lessons - Trainers will wear appropriate masks that cover both nose and mouth at all times out of respect for our clients and their families. Per St. Louis City and County updated guidelines, we will not require clients to wear masks inside, but trainers will still maintain appropriate social distancing. (Clients may still choose to wear masks inside, judgement-free, of course!)
  • Outdoor Private Lessons - Trainers will consult with their clients on an individual basis to determine if they are comfortable with trainers not wearing masks in an outdoor setting. Trainers are happy to wear masks in outdoor sessions to improve the comfort level of our clients, and will still maintain appropriate social distancing. (Clients and/or trainers may still choose to wear a mask outside, judgement-free, of course!)
  • Group Classes - We are following the guidance of our host facility, the Webster Groves Recreation Complex. They currently do not require vaccinated individuals to wear masks, effective as of May 14th, 2021. We do ask that all attendees still strive to maintain appropriate social distance, and attendees per dog is still limited to two. (Students, guests and/or trainers may still choose to wear a mask, judgement-free, of course!)
      • Employees will hand wash with soap and water in between sessions/classes, or sanitize if soap and water are not available.
        • Disposable, single-use masks and hand sanitizer (70% alcohol minimum) will be made available to clients free of charge, provided that the supply is available. Clients are also encouraged to provide their own.
        • We will attempt to operate as contactless-ly as possible. This means:
          • Limiting financial transactions to online invoicing and credit card payments
          • Using our own leashes for Day Training sessions (“We Train You” and “Puppy Daycare Pack”) sessions
              • Where possible in coaching sessions, we may ask the client to use their own smartphone to record video of pertinent training demonstrations for their review, or to document specific training techniques
              • Other forms of communication may be suggested or utilized to safely improve communication between trainer and client including, but not limited to, the use of phone conversations aided by hands-free communication devices
            • Please do not participate in training if you are sick, have symptoms or have knowingly been in contact with an infected person or persons within the last 14 days. Please contact your trainer if your session is less than 48 hours away.
            • Phone or Online Consultations via Zoom will continue to be available, should clients wish to take advantage of a safe, effective, contactless training alternative.
            • Please consider following all the guidelines for individuals according to your respective entity’s ordinances, so that you may best protect yourself and those around you: