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We were introduced to this versatile little treat pouch by a dog training client who was tired of carrying a plastic baggie of chicken, then clicker, her phone, a collapsible water bowl, poop bags… and then some. After some online research, she arrived to her next training session with this intriguing little Vaun Duffy treat pouch.

(The name sounded a bit upscale for a treat pouch… So after some research of our own, turns out there is a Vaughn Duffy wine company, too, but spelled with an “h.” Yet another point of intrigue.)

Vaun Duffy Treat PouchSome features of this treat pouch include:

  • 3 options to wear it – clipped on your pants, belted around your waist or over your shoulder, like a purse
  • The pouch itself is made of a very sturdy, woven nylon
  • Mesh pocket in the front for holding a tennis ball, a clicker, car keys, or also could be used for separating your lower-value dry treats from higher value treats
  • A zippered pocket in the front – perfect for holding a cell phone; it’s also rubberized on the front inside of this pocket to encourage a good grip its contents
  • A nice, sturdy liner inside to hold your treats – made of a slick nylon so it’s easily cleaned
  •  A discreet zippered poop bag pocket and dispenser in the back – freeing your leash from that clunky plastic poop bag holder

Some things on the wish list for improving this pouch might include:

  •  A removable treat liner – although it’s easily cleaned, it’s not removable
  • A treat closure design other than a drawstring. In the age of magnetized treat pouches and other savvy closure styles, it seems a bit antiquated
  • The plastic hardware like the D-rings, shoulder strap clips and belt clip could be a lot sturdier. Also the belt clip could be and longer to attach more securely. If they could make the hardware metal, they’d have us for life. (After some additional research, there is a very similar style pouch brand available for sale with a metal belt clip.)

Overall, we really like this treat pouch. As its upscale name might indicate, it’s truly in a class above the rest… Okay, there’s no such thing as a class system for treat pouches. But, in general, it’s definitely worth considering given its sturdy, easy-to-clean and compact design. The Vaun Duffy treat pouch is available in 3 different neutral colors (grey w/pink, grey w/green and beige w/green) and sells online for about $18.

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