Q&A: Help! My Dog Jumps on My Grandchildren!

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Question: We have a 2 year old poodle that drives our grandchildren and other visitors crazy when they come into the house. She jumps and will not leave them alone until I get a hold of her. She also licks people continually if you let her. Any suggestions on how to break these behaviors? Cathy – St. Louis Answer: Hi Cathy, Thank you for your question… Over-exuberant jumping on guests is an extremely common problem among dog owners. Whether you have a miniature poodle, a standard poodle or a “malti-poo,” jumping can be an annoyance for your guests, or worse, very dangerous, especially for children and elderly guests. Dogs jump not because they are trying to “dominate” your guests, but because jumping has worked effectively in the past in ultimately getting what they want… their immediate attention! It will be important to warn your guests that your dog is in … Read More

Q&A: Help! My Dog Has Too Much Energy!

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Question: I have a very active wire haired fox terrier that just turned one. She is very good natured and confident, but she demands constant attention. When I’m at my computer she barks, jumps and claws furiously on me. I’ve tried to turn sideways and ignore her or squirt her with a water bottle (neither of which work). When I reach to pet her, she [play] mouths me. When I walk, she nips at my heels and jumps to nip at my shirt. I walk her at least once a day, twice when I can, and throw the ball for her to chase in the yard, but nothing wears her out. Do you have any suggestions? I hate to have to crate her, but I also need to get my work done! Ellen P – St. Louis Answer: Dear Ellen, It sounds like you have adopted yourself a typical terrier… … Read More

Giving and Getting Plenty of R&R

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No doubt you’ve heard of the term “R&R,” as in “I just need some rest and relaxation.” And who doesn’t need a little R&R these days? We work too hard, sometimes we play too hard, and often in the end it’s debatable whether we’re any better for it. Well, your dog needs a little R&R in his or her life, too. I don’t mean rest and relaxation here, although it certainly is true that dogs do need those things to function properly, as well. What I’m really referring to is “Recognition and Reward.” More specifically, your dog or dogs need to be recognized for good behavior and rewarded for it, too. You may have heard this concept referred to as mark and feed, or click and treat, or maybe under some other term, too. Essentially, it means to identify the moment your dog is doing something correctly and then offer … Read More

Get That Dog a Job

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard in class and in private client lessons, “We had a dog previously and he was perfect, but this dog/puppy we have now is different!” Really? Is the new dog that different, or are they maybe just forgetting what life was like with an adolescent dog in the house because it was so long ago? Are they just reminiscing about the late years of their dog’s life where their dog laid around quietly and calmly most of the day and, finally after several months or years of chaos, there was peace and joy in the home? Truly, there may be lots of differences in dogs depending on breed characteristics, exercise requirements, differences in personality and energy levels. However, there is always the underlying biological fact that a dog is, indeed, still a dog. A little bit about dogs… Dogs are self-fulfilling. Dogs … Read More

Combatting the Counter Surfer

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Are you tired of making dinner for yourself, only to discover that your dog helped himself to it first? Are you sick of jumping up and down from a relaxing evening on the couch to see what the dog has gotten into now? And are you completely done with having to clean the counters constantly due to evidence of dirty dog paws? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, it sounds like you have a counter surfer, or a dog that just cannot help himself from stealing, chewing or licking anything that you could possibly have out on the counters (kitchen, bathroom or otherwise). Why does a dog counter surf? There could be a couple reasons that your dog could be counter surfing. The most obvious reason is that there is something desirable, like food, out on the counters. If your dog is tall enough and they haven’t … Read More