Park and Trail Tips for Walking with Your Dog

SarahDog Walking, Seasonal1 Comment

The spring and summer months and the glorious weather and sunshine that they bring are welcome relief after such a long and gloomy winter. The better weather just begs for you to get out to the local parks with your dog. But before you hit the parks and trails, just remember these tips to make your trip both enjoyable and safe. 1. Bring water for your dog. Although most parks are very dog-friendly and do provide drinking fountains (and even doggy-height drinking fountains), depending on long your outing will be, be sure to bring your own water and water receptacle for your dog. There are many portable options including collapsible bowls and water bottle/bowl kits. Dogs can become dangerously dehydrated and you don’t want to be caught without water, when needed. 2. Be aware of other dogs. Just because a dog is out in public, don’t assume that they are … Read More