Ten Old Dog-Isms

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Oh, the joys and frustrations of living with a senior dog….Nine and a half year old Shepherd/Lab mix, Ozzy, doesn’t usually say much, unless another dog or (heaven forbid) a cat should happen to trot past the front of the house. But if he could talk, I think these Ozz-isms would be pretty close to what my old guy is thinking: 10 Old Dog-isms:   Bedtime is at 8:30pm strict. Unless you’re watching a reality singing competition on TV, then it’s definitely earlier, in the spare bedroom, and with my head under the bed. They say that most dogs sleep about 17 hours on average per day… but I’m an overachiever. Unless you’re planning on feeding me sometime soon or scratching my butt for a while, I reserve a 20-second time limit on standing. I’m not slow to respond, I just build in a 6-second delay to give you time … Read More