Ten Things To Consider Before Getting a New Dog

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What’s better than surprising your family with the warm, silky-soft fuzz of a brand new puppy, or even the irresistible friendly wet snoot of a new adult dog? Nothing… nothing is more exciting than getting a new dog! With the holidays approaching, it’s not uncommon for pet-lovers to bring home a new puppy as a gift for their loved ones. Before you do, however, please read this article about some of the considerations of holiday pet-giving. If you are still interested in getting a puppy or dog for the holidays, read on… Getting your first dog, or a new dog, is an extremely emotional journey. Owning a dog for the long haul (10+ years) can be even more emotional – and sometimes not the good kind of emotions – if not handled properly, or if you’re not prepared for dog ownership. It’s worth mentioning, first and foremost, that everyone in … Read More

Functional Cues: Palm Targeting and “Here”

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Hi everyone! It’s been a while since my last post. It’s been pretty busy, so I wanted to leave everyone with something that is quick, yet useful. Nothing is quicker to teach your dog, or more versatile of an exercise, than nose targeting. If you haven’t already taught your dog to nose target, great, it’s time to get started! In this video, the wonderful and creative Emily Larlham asks the dog to target her index and middle fingers with the use of the word “Touch.” This is a very common way to teach targeting and extremely useful, when trying to guide your dog via pointing. However, another common method of teaching targeting is to have the dog touch his nose to the palm of your hand. I love to teach targeting this way for many reasons. Think of the inside of your hand as a magnet, and your dog’s nose … Read More

The Puppy Point-of-View

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Puppies are cute. They are too cute. So cute they could get away with murder. They are manipulative, demanding, thieving fuzzy little things that interfere with too much of our personal time, our work time and our sleep time. So why do we insist on wanting puppies?… Because they are cute, that’s why. Seriously, puppies are not only cute, but bring such a tremendous amount of joy to our lives that it can’t be put into words. I’m not a mother myself, but I’m sure this joy is only second to raising a child, seeing it grow, mature, make good decisions and become a respectful and responsible citizen of society… influenced solely by you, but of course! Your new puppy, on the other hand, may have somewhat different intentions for their future. So here are a few insights into what your puppy might be thinking as it navigates its way … Read More