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Jenni Boyd, Trainer

"I have been exposed to, and trained my dogs with, many different techniques throughout the years... None have resonated as strongly, or touched my heart as deeply, as that of positive reward-based dog training."

Jenni’s passion for working with animals started at a very young age, volunteering for her family veterinarian’s office. From veterinary to surgical assistant, receptionist, to janitorial duties, there isn’t anything she didn’t do to help the veterinarian and technicians take care of the animals and the clinic. Once of age, Jenni started officially working there and remained for nine years, continuing as she attended college.

Having owned and trained many different breeds of dogs, like Jack Russell Terriers and Rottweilers, Labradors and Golden Retrievers, Australian Shepherds and a Bernese Mountain Dog, Jenni has much respect for the genetic intention, nuances and behavioral traits of every puppy and dog that she works with.

Jenni especially loves helping families integrate their new puppy into their households with positive training and socialization. Being a mother of two, she continues to learn first-hand what pups and families need to be successful together. She believes that kind and efficient training builds a relationship of mutual admiration, and fosters a bond with the family that will last throughout a pup’s life.

“I’ve learned that success in training means taking into consideration not only the breed-specific traits, but also the puppy’s social environment and individual personality. Every situation is so wonderfully unique… Helping both families and puppies thrive in their new relationship is such a fun, challenging and rewarding experience.”

Formal Education

 B.A. with Honors in History of Art, University of Indiana

Animal Education & Certification

  • Karen Pryor Academy - Puppy Start Right Course
  • PetTech Pet CPR, First Aid & Care