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Our experience with Sarah, the trainer from the The Persuaded Pooch, was extremely positive and highly productive. She taught us easy to understand and effective training methods that we are using to get our stubborn American Bulldog where we want and need her to be. During her initial consultation, Sarah got a clear understanding of our goals for our dog, Bella, and developed a comprehensive and very organized plan to accomplish those. As a business owner, I meet a lot of people in professional situations and I will tell you that I have never met anybody more prepared, organized, or better at what they do than Sarah. She has a sincere, friendly, and patient mannerism that allowed the training atmosphere to be fun and stress free. If Bella wasn t responding to our expectation on an exercise, Sarah would without hesitation, make an adjustment that would allow Bella to get it . I was very impressed with her ability to quickly see what methods worked on Bella and how she taught us to use those methods to continue training on our own — definitely money well spent. Thank you, Sarah!

– Ray Groce, Des Peres, MO

  • “Sarah, we really enjoyed the dog training class and appreciated your accommodations for a high anxiety dog. I’m happy to report that [terrier mix] Sadie, Colleen and I are making progress. Also, thank you for the recommendation of Four Muddy Paws. It was a very positive experience and I would recommend that place for grooming high anxiety dogs. Sadie was also able to walk around with 4-5 other dogs in the store. We still have a ways to go but are on the right path. Thanks, Jake”

    – Jake Ronecker, Webster Groves, MO
  • “My Golden Retriever and I just finished the Polite Dog training class and it was a positive experience. Sarah is a wonderful instructor! We used the clicker and treat training to reward positive behavior. Once the behavior is learned the clicker and treats are faded out. Sarah is most helpful to address individual questions and concerns. I would recommend this class to anyone looking for dog training. Thank you, Sarah, for all your help!”

  • “Four-year-old Augie never had any formal training, but we were amazed that Sarah was able to teach our “old dog new tricks!” We wanted to hire a positive trainer and Sarah was great with showing us some basic obedience skills that we can use while out on a walk, at the vet and when visitors come over. He listens to us more, and feel like we can take him out in public more often, too. Sarah was very professional, and we thank her for her help… and so does the poor cat!”

    – Carol Ault, St. Louis, MO
  • “I just wanted to let you know we are really enjoying getting to help Parker learn and I would definitely recommend the class… We definitely appreciate the positive training style of class and how you are teaching us to have a better relationship with Parker at home and in the community.”

    – Kathi Sayler, St. Louis, MO
  • “My dog went from barking at other dogs when we go for walks to looking at me. He also is much more quiet in the car now. Thanks Sarah!”

    – Aaron Doerr, Webster Groves, MO
  • “Thank you again for all of the great training advice! Luke is so much better behaved than he used to be. You helped us a lot!… He has his puppy moments, but you have given us so many tools to help us figure those moments out and how to incorporate him in our daily lives.”

    – Tori McCarty, Webster Groves, MO
  • “Hi Sarah – Thought you’d like to hear this… Fritzie got away the other day and ran about 2 yards away. Mom got the whistle and blew it. Fritzie looked up and ran right back to Mom. Amazing since she hasn’t practice that skill since you were coming. Thanks again for your great training.”

    – Lynn Beinke, Foristell, MO
  • “Our Pointer/Lab mix, Carter, is such an attention hog, and can’t stand it if he’s not the center of attention! Sarah showed us how to use the attention of our visitors as the motivation for obtaining good behavior, like not jumping or barking. Carter also liked to bolt out the door after our other dog, Champ, barking and nipping all the way. Now both dogs sit and wait patiently to be let out, which makes potty-time a whole lot easier.”

    – Tina Woehrle, St. Louis, MO
  • “I highly recommend Sarah and The Persuaded Pooch. She went above and beyond, giving us materials with ideas such as indoor activities to do with our dogs during the dangerously hot summer. She makes the effort to really get to know her students and meet their needs…” Read more from this class review on the Wise Mama Blog.

    – Caroline Wise, Webster Groves, MO
  • “My Labrador, Subie, has a very, um, exuberant outlook on life. Although she has done well in obedience classes, the trainers were unable to help me translate those skills into a workable plan to manage her unruly behaviors in the house. Sarah helped us by creating an individualized training plan that built upon our knowledge base, transforming undesirable behaviors into acceptable conduct. In addition, Sarah shared a lot of information that improved communication between Subie and me. Although we are still a ‘work-in-progress,’ my household is calmer and less stressful. Subie no longer rules the roost with her rambunctious behavior!”

    – Erin Day, St. Louis, MO
  • “I thought you would love to know that I took BOTH dogs on a long walk/hike together and it was so great! We saw people and 1 dog and Harold did nothing except wanting to say hi to people! Barely any pulling and I felt like I could manage them both! Thanks again so much for helping us get to a much more manageable and happy place!”

    – Jenna Jacobsen, Crestwood, MO
  • “Hi Sarah – Just had to brag a little. Today a group (3 gals and their furry friends) had a [therapy dog] visit at Autumn View. This is where Sammi and I used to visit with them. On nice days we would go to lunch with our furry friends. Well today they texted and did I want to join them. Long story short… Raven and I did just that. Lunch was eaten and lots of talk. My girl was the best. Interaction with other mutts, stayed on a down stay and wasn’t bothered by people or waitress going by. So proud of her. Thank you Sarah for showing us the way.”

    – Marge Taylor, Webster Groves, MO
  • Just a quick note to let you know we survived Luna’s “teenage phase”. She calmed down after she was spayed and we followed your advice allowing her more sleep and splitting up activities. Also, we have been very consistent and positive with her while just ignoring and walking away from “bad’ behavior. Her nickname is now “Shadow” because she follows me around the house all the time. She no longer bites at the leash, or barks for attention and even retrieves sticks rather that running away with them. She has her moments and still has a tendency to be mouthy (no biting, but wants to mouth you when she is excited), but you can pet her head without her shying away. More importantly, she is fitting in well and she seems to be content. Thanks for helping “rescue” Luna and us!

  • Sade is doing great… She no longer uses a crate, and is able to stay on her own without potty accidents. She does great, waiting for toys and at the door. She doesn’t chew or destroy things, other than her toys, LOL…The nipping and biting has completely stopped…phew! She is just a big, cuddly, baby, and we love having her.
    I know her learning will always be a work in progress, but you have been immensely helpful in getting us on the right track.

    – Claudia Southern, Florissant, MO
  • Hi Sarah: Robbie is doing just great! His interactions with other dogs and people has improved 1000%. He does very well even in the front of the building and there have been no incidents any where near the magnitude we had in the past. In fact he now gets along with dogs he had major encounters with before. Last Saturday we went to the Saint Louis Scottie Rescue fun day at the AKC Museum of the Dog. He was there for four hours and won 1st prize for best trick and second place for best sit up! He did get a little cranky near the end but no incidents. He fell sound asleep as soon as we got going in the car. He has made many new people and dog friends in the neighborhood (including puppies and young dogs). Thanks again for all your help!

    – Dan and Mary Cornell, St. Louis, MO
  • Nicole, we had some really good results today with [Princess] Leia and the grand-dog, Buttercup, with “parking the dog.” And Leia picked up on the hand target as well! Thank you. We are feeling much more confident that she is the great dog we feel is there.

    – Sally Lescher, Webster Groves, MO

Wow! Where do I begin? After weeks and weeks of searching and talking with a lot of people, I found Sarah! I rescued a Cane Corso Mix, the sweetest boy ever! Except when he sees other dogs… We had our free evaluation with Sarah and she from the get-go was amazing. She answered ALL of my questions, and believe me I had a lot! I told her my concerns with the clicker training method because we had tried something similar with a previous, unsuccessful trainer. Her first response was, ok, we won’t use that! I was shocked. To find a trainer that is willing to go away from their preferred training methods is SO difficult. She told me her concerns, and was truly looking out for the well-being of my dogs. She gave me links and flyers on ways to help with so many things other than Vinny’s dog-reactive behavior.

Sarah taught me how to read my dog. Now I can tell when he is stressed in any situation, dog or no dog. She also gave me the confidence that I can handle my dog, he’s pushing 80 lbs now and that’s more than 1/2 my own weight, he was getting to be too hard for me to handle. Now my dog is confident in me and I am confident in my abilities with him. Within our very first sessions we were seeing results. For the first time in a long time we were enjoying our dogs!

Sarah pushed Vinny to see where we were and where we should go in our next sessions. I feel like each and every session we got the most out of them we could. I know with our previous trainer she never really moved on from the basics. Her prices are so reasonable in comparison to the probably 15 other people I called! She ALWAYS gets back to you in a timely manner as well!

I cannot express how much Sarah has changed this family… I’m not quite sure where we would be with out going through her training. She was so honest, and she worked so hard for us, and for Vinny. Anyone looking for any training for your pet, call her! Thank You SO much, Sarah, for everything you have taught us! The Persuaded Pooch is the best!

Sarah Campbell Photography