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June 2012

Class Information: Congrats to New Class Graduates!

Congratulations to our new classes of graduates from the Puppy Matters! and Essential Etiquette classes. Teams Shelby, Callie, Humphrey, Maybelle, Samuel, Richmond, Beacon, Leela and Wally did an outstanding job!

As mentioned, we had 3 pups from both Gateway Pet Guardians and Even Chance rescue groups in Puppy Matters! class. A big thank you to Dave, Darren and Anna for adoptions Beacon and Leela. Terrier mix, Richmond, is still up for adoption through Gateway Pet Guardians. Click on his picture to the right for a description! Isn't he handsome?

There are only a few days left to enroll for the new special topics classes, Party Tricks and Leapers & Leash Pullers. Classes are almost filled, so register today. Full descriptions of all classes can be found here. To register for any class, call the Webster Groves Recreation Center at 314-963-5600, or contact us if you have any questions prior to registering for class.


New Blog Post: "Dog Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy… Two Things We Never Asked For In Life"

It’s been a little over a year since I received shoulder surgery to repair my loose right shoulder. There’s nothing as perplexing as reaching for something out of your book bag in the back seat of the car and dislocating a shoulder.

This experience of dislocation happened several times. All unexpected and all while doing normal everyday activities. I didn’t anticipate it… it just happened out of the blue. And each time it happened, my shoulder got more and more loose, and the likelihood of experiencing another dislocation got greater and greater over time.

How does this all relate to dog training? Whereas there’s no physical surgery that can magically repair our dog’s worst behaviors, such as aggression or separation anxiety, “rehabilitation time,” or the time it takes to modify behaviors can be long and slow. Read on...

Also, check out my new blog in the Webster Groves Patch, online community newspaper. Click here to read. (You can find your local paper here.)


Training Tip: Leather = Better!

Head halter vs. no-pull harness... Flat collar vs. martingale collar... There's usually so much debate about what type of management equipment we put on our dogs that the type of leash we use is usually the last thing on our minds.

I, on the other hand, have a very clear preference on leashes, and maintain that leather is better. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Leather comes in a variety of sizes and widths. A lightweight leather leash allows for a good grip on the leash, but doesn't weigh your dog's head or chest down. A heavy leash can be a gigantic cue to your dog to only walk by your side when he or she can feel that the leash is connected, instead of walking at your side at all times, leash or no leash..
  • Just like your favorite pair of comfortable shoes, a leather leash feels stiff at first, but quickly starts to soften and almost conform to your hand with continued use.
  • A good leather leash might be more expensive, but will last you a lifetime (unless the chew-monster gets it!).
  • Matching pink collars and leashes are wonderful, but nothing says style and sophistication like a finely aged classic brown or black leather leash. (They are the James Bond of leashes, yes?)

My favorite resource for leather leashes is J&J Dog Supplies. A variety of leather leashes can be found here. I am partial to the Extended Length Service Dog Lead, which allows for all sorts of versatility for your training sessions and neighborhood walks.

Another great resource is that actually sells Buffalo Tan Bullhide leather leashes. The benefit is that the leashes are very lightweight and arrive already feeling as soft as velvet in your hands. There are all types of different colors and custom options for both leashes and collars.

Do yourself a favor and make the investment into a good leather leash for training and walks. You won't regret it!


Community Highlight: Groupon Gifts for Pets & Webster Groves Pet Parade

You knew that Groupon offered great deals on spa services, golf and great restaurants. But did you know that there was a Groupon for pets, too?

Check out these great Groupon deals on everything pet related from upscale identification tags to pet-related magazines and even officially licensed doggie sportswear from your favorite professional and collegiate teams. (Um... the Cardinals, duh!)

Special thanks to Wayne Dunker at the Webster Groves Recreation Center for forwarding these deals along. They are such a pet-friendly bunch over there! Join in on their Family Day Children's Pet Parade on Monday, July 2nd from 6-7pm. Categories of judging include Best Trick, Funniest Looking, Best Costume, Pet/Owner Look-Alike, Best Pet Joke (available to kids with or without a pet) and Best Float. See you there!

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